Stars Release ‘The Bedroom Demos’ Collection

    Although their most recent album is 2010’s The Five Ghosts, Stars looked back to their ’07 release, In Our Bedroom After the War, for their latest release. The Canadian indie rockers gathered the demos from the sessions for the original version of In Our Bedroom After the War, which they recorded with Jace Lasek, of Besnard Lakes.


    These demos were apparently scrapped and replaced by what can be heard on the final version of the album. But Stars didn’t want to just leave them in musical purgatory and compiled them here on the aptly titled The Bedroom Demos. It includes two bonus tracks, “Division (Monkees)” and “The Worst Thing (Whitey Jam).”


    Peep the track list and download “The Worst Thing (Whitey Jam)” via the widget below. You can stream The Bedroom Demos, which is out now, here.


    01 The Night Starts Here
    02 Take Me to the Riot
    03 My Favourite Book
    04 Midnight Coward
    05 The Ghost of Genova Heights
    06 Personal (Caroline)
    07 Barricade
    08 Window Bird
    09 Bitches in Tokyo (Fuck U I Love You)
    10 Life 2: The Unhappy Ending (Film Score)
    11 Today Will Be Better, I Swear!
    12 In Our Bedroom After the War
    13 Division (Monkees) *
    14 The Worst Thing (Whitey Jam) *


    * bonus tracks