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Stars ready "Do You Trust Your Friends?" for May release

It's been quite the prolonged absence for Stars since the release of their critically-acclaimed album Set Yourself On Fire way back in 2004. While we don't have any news of consequence concerning the pop collective's follow-up (it's supposedly set for release sometime this fall) we do have news regarding a diversionary release to help pass the time.
On May 22 Arts & Crafts will release Do You Trust Your Friends? a "song for song renovation" of Set Yourself On Fire. Artists set to "renovate" the tracks in question include Junior Boys, Metric, Final Fantasy, the Dears, Jason Collett, and the Most Serene Republic. After the jump you'll find the complete tracklist.
Do You Trust Your Friends?:
01 Your Ex-Lover Is Dead [Final Fantasy]
02 Set Yourself on Fire [Montag]
03 Ageless Beauty [The Most Serene Republic]
04 Reunion [Jason Collett]
05 The Big Fight [Minotaur Shock]
06 What I'm Trying to Say Pt. 1 [The Dears]
07 What I'm Trying to Say Pt. 2 [The Dears]
08 One More Night [Apostle of Hustle]
09 Sleep Tonight [Junior Boys]
10 The First Five Times [The Russian Futurists]
11 He Lied About Death [Metric]
12 Celebration Guns [Camouflage Nights with Kevin Drew]
13 Soft Revolution [The Stills]
14 Calendar Girl [Young Galaxy]
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Album Announcement

Seems weird that this is coming about 2? years after the original album. I did love that album though so I am curious to hear these reworkings.

Dave Park

This little scene can get a little too inbred for my tastes.

John Zeiss

I can see why you'd say that John, but they're all legitimately talented artists, so why not keep it in the family more or less?

Justin Sheppard

::sigh::I like this album too but don't think they merit an entire disc of re-workings. Feist's "Let It Die" was one of my favorites of 2005 but the "Open Season" re-make album was sorta nothing. Let's hope this is the last band in that scene to get an unnecessary overhaul.

Etan Rosenbloom

[...] Prefix, w/ track listing [...]

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The thing with this record that is different from the Feist record is that ALL the songs from Set Yourself.. will be used, no 2-3 versions of the same song.I think this has great potential.


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