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Stalley Shares 'Savage Journey To The American Dream' Track List

Stalley will release his new mixtape/free album, Savage Journey to the American Dream, this coming Friday, March 30. And even though he made it seem like Curren$y was the only guest on the project, it actually features some other familiar faces close to the bearded rapper. His Maybach Music cohorts Rick Ross and Wale both appear along with Avriel Epps and Anthony Flammia. You can view the track listing below, which also reveals that the majority of Savage Journey was produced by G-Side's go-to production team, the Block Beattaz. Hell. Yes. [Complex]

  1. Savage Journey (Prod by The Block Beattaz)
  2. Petrin Hill Peonies (Prod by The Block Beattaz)
  3. Route 21 (Prod by The Block Beattaz)
  4. Hammers and Vogues Feat. Curren$y (Prod by The Block Beattaz)
  5. Lover’s Lane Feat. Anthony Flammia (Prod by The Block Beattaz)
  6. Home To You Feat. Wale & Anthony Flammia (Prod by The Block Beattaz)
  7. Island Hopping Feat. Avriel Epps (Prod by The Block Beattaz)
  8. Cold (Prod by The Block Beattaz)
  9. Everything New (Prod by Chad Hugo)
  10. Seen It All (Prod by Soundtrakk)
  11. Hell's Angels (American Heathens) Feat. Rick Ross (Prod by The Block Beattaz)
  12. Live At Blossom (Prod By Soundtrakk)
  13. BCGMMG Remix feat. Rick Ross & Meek Mill (Prod by The Block Beattaz)
  14. Bonus: Party Heart feat. Rick Ross & 2Chainz (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)
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