Stalkerwatch 07: The All-American Rejects

    Look at that face. It’s the kind of face only a mother could…stalk? It’s the face of Tyson Ritter, lead singer and songwriter with modern rock superstars The All-American Rejects. And apparently, he’s also the victim of a baked goods-toting stalker who works for Delta Airlines. As Ritter explained to the New York Daily News:

    “She calls me on the ground between connections to ask me how the flights are going. She called me on my birthday. She comes to concerts and brings cookies.”

    C’mon, Tyson. Have you heard about Chester Bennington’s stalker? Yours doesn’t sound so bad. Write a song about it, emo-boy.
    [All-American Rejects Singer Stalked By All-American Loon (Idolator)]