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Stalkerwatch 07: Eminem

In a bizarre case of life imitating art, a young Eminem fan recently came a little too close to emulating "Stan." Last week the Windsor, Ontario resident Kyle Spratt spied Eminem's ex-wife Kim Mathers leaving the bingo hall where he worked. Spratt lifted Mathers' cellphone, which was still sitting inside; he then proceeded to call Slim Shady's private number several times to try to convince the rapper to listen to a demo tape. After Eminem refused several times, once even trying to disguise his voice to confuse Spratt, the tenacious fan recorded a diss track called "Slim Sellout" and posted it on his MySpace page.
The track was removed after the Detroit police got involved, but thanks to Nah Right, we've got it for you here, right after the jump. And yes, those are real samples of Spratt and Eminem's phone conversation...

Kyle Spratt - "Slim Sellout"

[Real Life "Stan" Steals Kim Mathers' Cell Phone (StillListenToGangstaMusic)]
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Did Eminem make that beat? Sounds like one of his...


Uh.. Does anyone else want to smack that kid?


This is absurd. Kid steals Eminem's ex-wife's cell phone and then calls me hoping to get his track checked out. w.0.

Dave Park

What an idiot.


Why are you people bashing Kyle Spratt for what he did? llook at all the ******** eminem did when he was coming out trying to get his music out there, Before I heard of Kyle Spratt I was a huge fan of Eminem but now I think Em is a joke, he could have givin this kid a chance, Eminem knows how hard it is to get your music out, eminem truely is a "sellout". Good luck to you Kyle Spratt I hope you make it man.


yo man kyle spratt. u got great music. sounds just like Eminem's. hmm. i am a super mega fan of Eminem's. crzy man i would kill to talk to him like u did. pretty neat. ur music is great. eminem still is awesome he is da best. u are just h eading ur way up that away.. well keep ur g's up.

M.S ShADy's

Man this guy is a bitch. If he really did steel Kims phone then Em woulda said somethin to him but this aint why I think he might not have really stole her phone. I think he might be lyin and made that little bitch skit up to draw attnetion to himself and even if he is still tellin the truth he knows em would whoop his ass in battle and in anything else he just wants to get attention, and its working.


that guy was an idiot i would die just to talk to eminem he is one of my favorite clebs


Who ever keeps saying Em is a sell out for not giving this kid a chance is very ignorant and must have the IQ of a dried up donkey crap. If someone steals your Ex's phone and keeps calling you. you would not be like oh ok man let me hear what you got. F*** that. That kid got less then what he deserved. now he want to start a beef cuz em did not give him a chance? you know I hope they put em and spratt on stage in front of millions and let them battle it out broadcast that free style battle. and em will end this kids so called rise to fame.


agreed rap battle to the death.

actually, em would win 2 quick it should be em ripping kyle spratt in a very long freestyle and at some point someone walks up and kills spratt .and then em starts the first tour for relapse like oops im up to my old tricks again crazy freestyles, drugs. im having a relapse!

shim shamy shamroc

What Em did is pretty f---ed up i mean he did grow up poor and in debt almost the EXACT situation and Dr.Dre gave him a chance and he really didn't have to go through a hardcore exctient and this kid had the courage to just go and take a chance that could have possiably sent him to prison, And he just called the cops on him thats just kinda f---ed up in my opinion


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