Stalkerwatch 07: Eminem

    In a bizarre case of life imitating art, a young Eminem fan recently came a little too close to emulating “Stan.” Last week the Windsor, Ontario resident Kyle Spratt spied Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Mathers leaving the bingo hall where he worked. Spratt lifted Mathers’ cellphone, which was still sitting inside; he then proceeded to call Slim Shady’s private number several times to try to convince the rapper to listen to a demo tape. After Eminem refused several times, once even trying to disguise his voice to confuse Spratt, the tenacious fan recorded a diss track called “Slim Sellout” and posted it on his MySpace page.
    The track was removed after the Detroit police got involved, but thanks to Nah Right, we’ve got it for you here, right after the jump. And yes, those are real samples of Spratt and Eminem’s phone conversation…
    Kyle Spratt – “Slim Sellout”
    [Real Life “Stan” Steals Kim Mathers’ Cell Phone (StillListenToGangstaMusic)]