St. Vincent to Tour with Grizzly Bear

    Strings are to indie rock in 2009 what keyboards were to indie rock in 2003. Soon it might not even be worth mentioning that a band’s instrumentation features it. Yet Grizzly Bear’s and St. Vincent’s exquisitely arranged pop songs bring the classical into pop music through more than just instruments, and now the two are combining to bring their nuanced and delicate music to audiences throughout Europe. Yeah, sorry North Americans.


    As Pitchfork discovered through Edward Droste’s Twitter (take that, defenders of old media!), St. Vincent will be joining Grizzly Bear in London on Halloween and touring with them through November. Those of us in the New World can take solace in the fact that both St. Vincent and Grizzly Bear have U.S. legs of their tour before they go overseas, with St. Vincent sharing billing with Andrew Bird while Grizzly Bear teams up with Beach House. Together there will be enough organs, pianos, and violins to make my grandmother happy.