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St. Vincent Debuts New Tracks, Causes Comments Section Feedback Loop

You can almost feel the neuroses seeping from the blogosphere at every mention of St. Vincent's physical beauty. Each one spurs a recursive cycle of arguments about passivity and action in the definition of gender ideals. Is Annie Clark attractive in spite or because of her powerful musical personality? How does that discussion impact the reception of her work? What is the place of the babe in indie rock? Do these very questions undercut the sexual tensions inherent to good rock 'n roll and promote an alternative culture that is in fact drifting further from itself, libidinally speaking? Visit Stereogum for more along this line.


The real point is that St. Vincent's first album, Marry Me, is very good -- she has a knack for knotty-yet-still-accessible electro-acoustic composition. She debuted a few new songs, from the forthcoming full-length Actor, in San Francisco over the weekend, as a part of the annual NoisePop festival. Here are "The Strangers" and "Marrow," for your discursive pleasure:


"The Strangers"







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St. Vincent

i just love her voice, but then again, i've never seen her live so maybe i'll come over all mushy once i do....

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