Squarepusher’s New Album ‘Ufabulum’ Inspired By A Dream, Has No Live Instruments

    This summer, glitchy electronic producer Squarepusher will release Ufabulum, his first full-length solo offering since 2009. In a recent interview, the eccentric producer revealed a number of details about the new album including that it will be completely without live instruments.

    In the interview Squarepusher, whose real name is Tom Jenkinson, went on to explain what he means by no live instruments:

    “In a very loose way, what I was trying to say is that this is music which doesn’t contain any live performance as such. It’s music which is generated purely from programming. There’s no live guitar or drums, there’s nothing in it which is live, really at all. The other thing to say about it is that live, the way in which I have been working – particularly on a record like [past album] Just A Souvenir – is where I’m performing all these live takes, I’m the instrumental performer but also the engineer and the writer. At the same time you’re switching between what I feel are two very different mindsets: the mindset of a performer and the mindset of an engineer. From my experience, you make a conscious switch when you step from one set of shoes to another. It’s actually consequently very demanding, it’s very hard work.”

    Jenkinson went on to explain that much like Just a Souvenir, the new album was inspired by a dream that he had. As he explained:

    “I’ve got this particular recurring dream where it’s essentially about a perfect piece of music – I hasten to add that I know how ridiculous that sounds, and I don’t really even endorse the concept or even the possibility that a perfect piece of music can exist. But simply it’s a track I’ve but written but then lost, and I’ve found it again in this dream and it unifies my work.”

    Sounds heady. Read the full interview via Clash.