Squarepusher Releases New Live EP

    Warp mainstay Squarepusher has released a new EP of live recordings based off his latest full-length Ufabulum. Simply entitled KCRW Session, the five tracks are taken from a recent live session Jenkinson performed at Santa Monica College’s KCRW campus radio station. The consistently progressive electronic musician here reworks his own tracks to create a digital bombast that will leave you staringly blankly as you try to decipher his obtuse rhythms.

    KCRW Session is now available for digital stream or purchase via Bleep. Catch the full track list along with the rework of “303 Scopem Hard” below.

    KCRW Session track list:
    1) 4001 (KCRW Session)
    2) Unreal Square (KCRW Session)
    3) Drax 2 (KCRW Session)
    4) Dark Steering (KCRW Session)
    5) 303 Scopem Hard (KCRW Session) [FACT]