Springsteen offers apology for Wal-Mart exclusive

    Other than my friend Matt, who takes constant issue with the line "tramps like us," Bruce Springsteen is used to having pretty much universal acclaim. Even Ronald Reagan liked him, and Bruce had to set him  straight, saying that, unlike Reagan, he spoke for the common man. Moves like this, along with his catalog, established Springsteen’s credibility as an artist looking to do something other than make a quick buck. After he’d made all the right moves for so long, fans were understandably nonplussed when the Boss released a Wal-Mart exclusive greatest hits package. In a recent interview with The New York Times, Springsteen addressed the issue, saying that he "dropped the ball" by signing off on the release. He carried on the sports metaphor by saying that his organization’s "batting average was usually very good, but we missed that one." Fans now have to decide whether they will accept an apology from the newly optimistic, Super Bowl headlining Boss, or choose to focus on the pre-2009, untarnished version of Springsteen. Despite Springsteen’s contrition, the album is still available via the Wal-Mart website. [Pitchfork]