Springsteen, Liars, Grinderman take on Suicide

    A band that has virtually no comparisons in 2008, let alone 1975, is sure to attract the attention of a wide range of prominent musicians. Suicide, the keyboard, noise rock proto-punk whatchamacallit band that helped spur New York’s CBGB scene is getting a full-on tribute series from U.K.’s Blast First (Petite), the label that helped launch the career of Sonic Youth and others from the 80’s underground.


    Far from limiting its contributors to No Wave icons like Lydia Lunch, the monthly, 12-part EP series will feature the likes of the Boss, Liars, Peaches, and Nick Cave’s Grinderman covering the band. The first EP debuts on July 28 with a limited edition 12" and digital release of Bruce Springsteen’s take on Suicide’s "Dream Baby Dream" and Ship Ray (of Beat the Devil) covering "Mr. Ray." The release comes on the 70th birthday of Suicide’s Alan Vega. That puts him one year younger than George Carlin (and 12 years older than Tim Russert), so it’s a good thing this retrospective is coming out while Vega still can appreciate it.


    The announced EPs are as follows:


    EP #1:
    1 Bruce Springsteen: "Dream Baby Dream"
    2 Suicide: "Midnight Special" (live)
    3 Shilpa Ray: "Mr. Ray"

    EP #2:
    1 The Horrors: "Shadazz"
    2 Suicide: "Radiation"
    3 Nik Void: "Rocket U.S.A."

    EP #3:
    1 Peaches: "Johnny"
    2 Suicide: "Johnny" (live 1978)
    3 S.C.U.M.: "Wild in Blue"