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Springsteen eyes January for new album, possibly debuting at Obama inauguration

Barack Obama needs to be congratulated on the improvement in the music between his acceptance of the Democratic presidential nomination and Tuesday's victory speech. The first was celebrated with U2's "Beautiful Day," and further enforced Bono's notion that he's the secular, rich Ghandi. This time around, Obama, showing the difference between a president and a candidate, went with "The Rising," by Bruce Springsteen. Bruce is a much better choice if only for his citizenship, but his music is also a much better reflection of Obama's stated goals than Bono's touchy-feely pop pap. The Boss, perhaps preparing for Obama's shout out, has been quietly working on an album over recent months. Though no plans are set, that would seem to line up perfectly with the Obama inauguration party. The idea sounds great, but the new Nugent that would have accompanied the McCain presidency would also have been nice. [Idolator]
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U2 may churn out touchy-feely pop pap, but at least they had some sense of adventure and exploration in their heyday. Ever since Jon Landau started producing Springsteen, his music has gotten safer and more predictable. Bruce's second album may have been cut in 1973, but it sounds more lively now that anything he did from the 1990s or 2000s. Give U2 credit for mixing it up a bit more than Bruce did when he (or Jon Landau) decided he should do preachy roots rock and cut the wildness out of his sound.

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I don't really know if it's 'safe' or not, but I do know that everything from Bruce Springsteen's debut through to Born in the USA (or at the very least, Nebraska - one of the best albums of the 80s) was top drawer. Since the mid 80s the best he's probably done was his Seeger Sessions album. Either way, over a whole career (and certainly at his best) he blows U2 out of the water.


Quite simply. Springsteen is a musical genius. No one better. Just look at the longevity of the man and ask yourself, will any current artist last as long and consistently make great records like Springsteen has? Maybe Ryan Adams. Maybe.

I do really hope the next record will be better than magic though.... another like The Rising or D&D would be good.


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