Spotify’s Competitor, Soundrop, Launches iOS App

    It’s been a minute since, the online DJ booth website that allows you to share music with groups of people simultaneously, has had the type of momentum that it garnered at first launch. But that hasn’t stopped competitors from creating alternatives in Turntable’s stead. The most notable of which is probably Spotify’s Soundrop, which does the whole group listening thing without the gimmick of Turntable’s DJ avatar system., which requires the $10/month Spotify Premium account to access, just launched its iOS app, so that you can get your group listening experience on the go via iPhone or iPod touch, and not just when tethered to your personal computer. The app allows you to invite your friends via Facebook, text, Twitter, or e-mail, allows chatting with everyone in a given room, and favorite songs to bring them into your Spotify app. Weirdly, though, the app does not allow you to create a room, or to search for a room by anything aside from genre. Have you tried Soundrop? Let us know what you think, and how it compares to other group listening apps, in the comments. []