Spotify Name the 20 Most Popular Rock Acts in Celebration of International Rock N Roll Day

    The music streaming service compiled a list of the most listened to rock acts of 2017 so far.

    Spotify have just put out a list detailing their most streamed rock acts of 2017 so far. The decision to do so was spurred on by International Rock N Roll Day, which falls on July 13. They are also currently promoting their ‘Rock This’ playlist which features old and new rock groups alike.

    Spotify’s Head of Rock Allison Hagendorf released a statement on the compilation, saying: “We’re proud to celebrate the International Day of Rock N Roll in the best way possible – by listening to ‘Rock This,’ the go-to destination for music fans to discover the latest in the Rock world,” before adding “It’s where you’ll find the newest songs from favorites like Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age, as well as from emerging bands like Royal Blood and Kaleo.”

    Taking the number 1 spot on the list is Coldplay, closely followed by Twenty One Pilots and The Beatles. Rounding out the bottom half is The Rolling Stones, The 1975, with Kings of Leon eking their way onto it at number 20. Other notable acts featured include Metallica, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, and Queen. While the list does highlight the most popular rock bands of 2017, it doesn’t give exact streaming figures for any of them.

    International Rock N Roll Day originates from the 1985 Live Aid Concert, which took place on July 13. The monumental concert put together by Boomtown Rats frontman Bob Geldof was an overwhelming success, and witnessed several big name rock bands take to the stage such as Queen, Led Zeppelin, U2, Black Sabbath, among others.

    Meanwhile, Spotify’s ‘Rock This’ playlist constantly adds new tracks to its library every week, reaching a following of just over 3.5 million subscribers. Other rock-orientated playlists on the music streaming service include Rocked, New Noise, Rock Solid, as well as many more.

    Spotify’s Most Popular Rock Acts of 2017:

    1. Coldplay
    2. Twenty One Pilots
    3. The Beatles
    4. Linkin Park
    5. Red Hot Chili Peppers
    6. Panic! A The Disco
    7. Metallica
    8. Arctic Monkeys
    9. Queen
    10. Fall Out Boy
    11. Green Day
    12. AC/DC
    13. Pink Floyd
    14. Blink-182
    15. Paramore
    16. Guns N’ Roses
    17. Nirvana
    18. The Rolling Stones
    19. The 1975
    20. Kings of Leon