Spotify Alludes To New Direction

    After 234 of 238 independent labels removed their music from Spotify and other streaming services recently, the company announced a “global press conference” today, set for Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 12 p.m. EST. Few details regarding the event, which will be hosted by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek and streamed live, have been revealed. What seems to be known right now is what’s already been stated, and that Ek will be joined by “a special guest or two.”

    Over at Hypebot, Bruce Houghton suggested that the big announcement could mean 1) partnerships with mobile and Internet providers offering Spotify as a bundle serivce, 2) the company opening its own US download store and 3) “ticketing and other ‘buy’ options powered by new partners.” With over a week before the conference, more details (however vague) will likely emerge regarding Spotify’s announcement. Peter Kafka of All Things D wrote the following about the company’s lack of event presence in the past. [ATD]

    And the company has generally avoided big launch events in general — when it rolled out in the U.S. this summer, for instance, it did so without ever putting Ek onstage. So, either the company has something truly big up its sleeve, or it is courting the risk of overpromising.