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Spoon to play SNL

Continuing indie rock's ascension into the big leagues (with "big leagues" here defined as "deemed worthy enough to play Saturday Night Live"), Spoon will serve as musical guest for the aforementioned landmark sketch comedy show on October 6. This comes on the heels of Spoon's Merge Records labelmates in Arcade Fire gigging the show last season, as did the Shins, and an earlier appearance by Modest Mouse around the time "Float On" was huge. (And yes, with being on Epic, Modest Mouse aren't technically "indie" anymore, but I believe that hair has been split so many times as to be rendered moot.) Canuck comedic force Seth Rogen will be the host for the show Spoon is playing. It comes a week after this Saturday's season premiere, hosted by LeBron James with music from Kanye West. I wonder if 'Ye has any ball skills?
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Saturday Night Live

'Ye claims to have ball skills (surprise!). He said he was good back in the day and just cut from the high school team because he was short. Of course, if you can't make it on the high school basketball team as a short player, how good can you be?

Phil B

Sometimes he strikes me as similar to that SNL character Kristin Wiig plays that annoyingly wants to top anything anyone says.

John Zeiss

Now, if only SNL were funny again would it be completely respectable...


Ouch! Come on now, it's a new season, give it a chance. The digital shorts are usually funny. Maybe they should just hand the entire show over to Samberg?

John Zeiss

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