Spoon Covers Archived

    Can’t get enough Spoon? Do you find yourself listening to their recent surprise EP ad nauseum? Do you find yourself losing interest in other, Britt Daniels-less bands? Well thankfully, that’s a common condition these days, and there’s a simple solution. The folks over at You Ain’t No Picasso have been kind enough to compile an album’s worth of Spoon covering some of their favorite songs. Hopefully, with enough listens, you can create a positive correlation between Spoon and these admittedly lesser bands, so that one day you’ll be able to listen to, say, Guided By Voices without running back to Gimme Fiction. Spoon understand your plight, so they’ve made the transition easier with some excellent choices in covers; everyone from Suicide to Paul Simon is represented. Good luck, and godspeed. [YANP]