Spoiler: American Idol’s 36 semifinalists leaked

    Simon Cowell – who’s known as a bit of a sourpuss even when things are going great – is probably less than thrilled to learn that Vote for the Worst (a site founded on the principle of “voting for the entertaining contestants who the producers would hate to see win on American Idol”) has posted what it claims is the official list of this season’s 36 semifinalists. The cut-to-the-chase move lessens the wait by just over a week and a half; Idol won’t announce the three dozen fortunate ones who made through Hollywood Week until its February 11 broadcast.


    Idolator has the complete list, along with a link to the auditions of those who made the cut. If the pain of waiting seemed like too much for you to bear, today – presuming the list turns out to be accurate – is your lucky day. Head here to put an end to your longing. [Source: Idolator]