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Spock To Play Gershwin In Biopic

It was only a matter of time before new roles started rolling in for Zachary Quinto (aka Spock*) given the success of Star Trek. But dude just got a huge role: He's set to play composer George Gershwin in a biopic directed by Steven Spielberg. The film should start filming soon.


Gershwin, for the unfamiliar, was one of America's pre-eminent classical composers in the early 1900s, composing famous works like Porgy & Bess. He died in his early 40s during a procedure to remove a brain tumor. Which at the very least, is different than most biopics of the drugs then redemption type. [Socialite Life


*- He also plays Sylar on Heroes, but I'm betting even he regrets that at this point. Because, woof, that show is the worst. 

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George Gershwin

I don't think he regrets it, Heroes gave him recognition, also, it's not THE WORST, come on. I mean, Mr. Quinto is on it, so it can't be the worst, get a grip. He's going to be amazing in the Gershwin pic, I can't wait.


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