Spiritualized’s ‘Sweet Heart Sweet Light’ Streaming In full

    Spiritualized’s Sweet Heart Sweet Light is easily Jason Pierce’s strongest work since Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space. That new record isn’t due until April 17, but to help fend off leaks it’s now streaming in full over at NPR’s website for a limited time. The album was originally called Huh?, and it’s kind of a shame Pierce didn’t stick with that instead of going for something that sounds so Spiritualized-like that you’d be forgiven for thinking he’d used it before. At least the cover art (to the left) should cause some head scratching.

    Check out Sweet Heart Sweet Light via this link. The track listing looks like this:


    1. Huh? (Intro)
    2. Hey Jane
    3. Little Girl
    4. Get What You Want
    5. Too Late
    6. Heading For The Top
    7. Freedom
    8. I Am What I Am
    9. Mary
    10. Life Is A Problem
    11. So Long You Pretty Things