Spiritualized’s Jason Pierce Calls Music Festivals “The Death Of Art”

    Spiritualized frontman Jason Pierce loves drugs, hates community (unless it’s a community of people that love drugs). The notoriously drug-friendly musician told Drowned In Sound that “festivals are the death of art” because over the years they’ve become less about “drugs and rock and roll” and more about community. Furthermore, “I’ve always said bands are the least important part of a festival. What’s important is standing around and seeing who you live with and what your world is and why you’re there. Bands have always been a side issue to that but now more so.” 

    Not surprisingly, Pierce is also wholly against audience sing-a-longs: “[When] you get those awful sing-alongs, and a band’s ego kicks in when the crowd sing their words back. It’s as if they’re standing on stage thinking ‘this is what we’re worth’ and really the audience would sing ‘We’ll Meet Again’ if it was playing.” (Good thing no one ever wants to sing along at a Spiritualized show.)

    The full interview is available at Drowned In Sound. Pierce doesn’t just slander the festival circuit; he also talks openly about recording Sweet Heart, Sweet Light (while undergoing treatment for Hepatitis C), plans for his next record, the problematic habit of “looking back,” and his views on playing albums in their entirety. [NME]