Spiritualized To Play ‘Ladies And Gentlemen…’ In Entirety

    Seeing a band playing an entire album can be a crapshoot. Sometimes, you get a passionate, earnest rendition of a classic; other times, you get a by-the-numbers snoozer, where the band is only in it for the money. Let’s hope Jason Pierce’s bank account is fat enough (probably not)–’90s psych-rockers Spiritualized will be playing 1997’s Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space in full on July 30th at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall. Maybe it’ll be kind of weird to hear the explosive strains of “Come Together” in the same space where Kanye West trolled white America, but who cares? Guitars! Alas, this is just a one-off performance, so if you really want to see it you’d better book your plane tickets now! [NME]