Spin Ranks Skrillex As One Of The 100 Greatest Guitarists Ever

    Spin decided to rank the greatest guitarists of all time and explicitly avoid the boring, conventional trappings of similar lists. The list side-stepped the baby-boomer establishment hagiography, and in doing so took a pretty liberal interpretation of what it is a guitarist actually is. Picks like Prince and Eddie Hazel will make sense for most diddly-diddly-oriented readers, and many will agree that Lee Ronaldo and Kevin Shields deserve acknolwedgment for the ways they turned the instrument into something entirely new and challenging. But some readers might disagree with picks like Skrillex and Run DMC’s Jam Master Jay, because they don’t actually play the guitar. Check the list out here, and listen to Skrillex’s “Bangarang” below. Let us know if you think he’s a guitarist in the comments.