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Spin Magazine Retools Editorial Staff

Shortly after announcing it's cutting down its pressing to six issues a year, Spin have now announced they’ll be retooling their editorial staff.  They’ll be adding Caryn Ganz as a new editor-in-chief for their online division, as well as making Christopher R. Weingarten a senior editor, and promoting David Bevan to associate editor. Ms. Ganz has been involved with Spin for a long time, as well as contributing to, the Village Voice and Yahoo!’s Amplifier blog.

Weingarten is also a Spin contributor, with a ton of followers as @1000timesyes, and Bevan has written a few cover stories for the magazine as well as being one of Pitchfork’s primary review-generators. It’ll be interesting to see why these guys landed in these roles – especially considering all the reinvention that seems to be going on over at Spin right now. [New York Observer/The Daily Swarm]

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