Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’ Remake Is Still Happening And Will Feature Elizabeth Olsen

    One of the most memorable movies of the past decade is Chan-wook Park’s Oldboy. It’s the story of a mild-mannered businessman who is kidnapped and imprisoned alone in an apartment for 15 years. Upon his sudden release, he’s tasked by his captor with figuring out why he was captured and who is responsible. 

    Besides exploring some dark themes and showcasing some amazingly simple fight choreography, it can be pretty twisted. However, it’s a great film, so it’s no wonder that American film studios want to remake it for American audiences. Spike Lee is apparently in charge of this new version, and he’s preparing to shoot with a 2013 release date in mind. 

    Josh Brolin has already been cast as protagonist Oh Dae-Su (or whatever he’ll be called in the remake), and Samuel L. Jackson has signed on for an undisclosed role. The latest bit of news about Oldboy comes from Empire Magazine, which discloses that Elizabeth Olsen (of this year’s indie hit Martha Marcy May Marlene) will be on board as a caseworker who helps the film’s hero figure out what happened while he was imprisoned. Considering that this role doesn’t exist in the Korean version, it’s safe to assume that the new picture will be quite different.