Spencer Krug Announces New Moonface Album, ‘With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery’

    Spencer Krug isn’t going to take Wolf Parade’s breakup and Sunset Rubdown’s indefinite hiatuses as a vacation: He’s readying the release of another new Moonface album for this April. Called With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery, the album spreads Moonface’s palette beyond the organ that populated his 2011 album, in that he has a band behind him this time. The album was recorded with Finnish band Siinai, who under a different name opened for Wolf Parade on a European tour, and Krug ended up writing a song cycle about heartbreak while working with Siinai in Helsinki. The album is due out on April 17 via Jagjaguwar. 

    That’s not all: You can hear a cut from the album below. It’s called “Teary Eyes and Bloody Lips” and it’s a krautrocky little jam that takes off into interstellar travel in the choruses. This album seems like a can’t miss, folks. 

    Here’s the album’s track list too:


    1. Heartbreaking Bravery
    2. Yesterday’s Fire
    3. Shitty City
    4. Quickfire, I Tried
    5. I’m Not The Phoenix Yet
    6. 10,000 Scorpions
    7. Faraway Lightning
    8. Headed For The Door
    9. Teary Eyes And Bloody Lips
    10. Lay Your Cheek On Down