Specials reunion looking likely

    As recently as a month ago, Specials keyboardist/leader Jerry Dammers admitted his doubts about the likelihood of the planned Specials reunion getting off the ground, but now singer Terry Hall says the U.K. ska kings have gotten over their internal conflicts and is speaking in no uncertain terms about the band playing a series of shows this fall. "Seven 50-year-old men together in a room is not very pleasant, no matter who you are. But we’re getting on great and that’s all you can hope for, really," Hall told Billboard.


    The good news: Hall says the band is planning to stick to the band’s first two classic albums for the set list. The bad news: So far the plan is for them to do some theater dates in England and that’s about it. Keep your fingers crossed that those shows go well enough for the two-tone titans to consider obliging their stateside fans. [The Daily Swarm]