Sparklehorse Documentary Seeks Funding

    On March 6, 2010, Mark Linkous committed suicide, leaving behind a world that agonized him so much, yet his ghost beckons for some kind of a resolution. The creative force behind Sparklehorse, who battled through depression and addictions, concocted some of the most haunting songs, indelibly affecting those of us who recognized his genius.

    Linkous revealed much through his genre-fused visceral sonic outpourings, but also shrouded much in distortion and mystery. Alex Crowton and Balwant Dass has been working on a feature-length documentary on Linkous, The Sad and Beautiful World of Sparklehorse, close to three years now. They’ve interviewed  Jonathon Donahue and Grasshopper (Mercury Rev), Ed Harcourt, Gemma Hayes, Adam Wiltzie (Stars of the Lid), Emily Haines (Metric) and Matthew Wright. But the battle is only half overcome. You can help Crowton and Dass finish the story by contributing to their project through Surely time will attest one day Linkous as one of  the most influential American songwriters of his time.

    The Sad and Beautiful World of Sparklehorse is not merely a biopic of Linkous, but an examination of the relationship between creativity and mental illness.

    Below are select samples of Linkous’s music that barely does justice to his ouveure.