SpaceGhostPurrp Denies Retiring From Rap; Confuses Everyone

    SpaceGhostPurrp is as enigmatic as the heiroglyphic alphabet he and his Raider Klan use. Earlier this month, the Miami-based producer-rapper posted a message on Facebook strongly implying his retirement from rap (“i wont be doing this shit no more i learned a lot about this shady ass rap game,” he wrote). He spoke to Complex more recently with a little less clarity, explaining that his retirement is “up to the people.”

    However, in a new Facebook post, it appears that ‘Purrp has done a 180. Not only clearly stating that he “ain’t retirin,” he goes onto label recent reports as “false rumors,” despite them sourcing from his own words. Cue: Kanye shrug .gif. At least this means we can expect new material from SGP—given his Facebook page doesn’t contradict itself even more.