SpaceGhostPurrp Arrested After Fight Between Raider Klan And A$AP Mob

    Since SpaceGhostPurrp called out A$AP Rocky for stealing his sound and style in a video back in June, ill feelings between their respective groups, Raider Klan and A$AP Mob, have been growing. It appears that tensions really escalated between the friends-turned-foes last night in Miami following Rocky’s show at the Fillmore.

    According to eye witness tweets and those from various Klan members, a fight broke out between Raider Klan and A$AP Mob, leading to SpaceGhostPurrp’s arrest. Reports suggest the altercation was initiated by SGP’s crew, who ran up on Rocky’s tour bus in a parking lot. According to Complex, over 30 members of the Klan were involved, with A$AP Bari, and to a lesser extent A$AP Nast, involved from the other camp.

    It sounds like SpaceGhostPurrp wasn’t taken in by police, and no serious injuries have been reported. You can view footage of SGP being arrested (courtesy of StarNationNetwork), along with tweets from the incident below.