Soundtrack To The Original Godzilla Being Re-Released

    Death Waltz Recording Company announced this week that they have secured the rights to release Akira Ifukube’s soundtrack to the original Godzilla film. This will be the first time that the full 1954 soundtrack will be available in America. 

    The release compiles the brassy, epic score to the godfather of all monster movies. Complete with the monster’s screams and the sound of military jets (though much less subdued than on the Puff Daddy / Jimmy Page soundtrack contribution that did the same thing with Godzilla’s screams and the sounds of jets), the recording is strikingly beautiful and haunting. 

    The release comes with brand new art from Cheung Chung Tat on the cover and the gatefold (take a look above), as well as liner notes from Japanese cinema expert Jasper Sharp and Film On Wax editor Charlie Bridgen. The album will be released on green vinyl, with an “atomic breath” limited edition version (400 copies) on blue and white vinyl.

    The soundtrack will be released on June 21. Take a listen to the complete recording below. 

    via Empire