Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell Hints That Temple of the Dog May Create New Music

    There better not be another 25-year wait for a third album....

    Chris Cornell
    Credit: Andreas Eldh / Flickr (Creative Commons) -

    Before Pearl Jam and Soundgarden dominated the sonic landscape of the 1990’s, there was Temple of the Dog. Created in memory of Andrew Wood, who was the lead singer of Mother Love Bone and Malfunkshun, it had members of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden in it, including Chris Cornell, who had been Woods’ roommate, and Eddie Vedder – whose vocals made the group’s most-played song “Hunger Strike” so memorable. People of a certain age likely just had the Pearl Jam’s front man’s stretched-out “I’m going hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” play in their head when reading that.

    The album, which was released in 1991, only started gaining traction among fans when Cornell’s and Vedder’s groups started getting massive airplay. Then people started to realize that this “supergroup” of sorts had recorded this. It seemed like this would only the only album this group released. The mega-success of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden had something to do with stopping them from making new music together… for now. Cornell had an interview with Den of Geek and he hinted that there might be some new Temple of the Dog music in the pipeline. They had toured in 2016 to mark the 25th anniversary of the album. “25 years ago?” some people might say. “I was in college then!” Yes, time seems to stop for no one.

    Temple of the Dog Album Cover

    If this new music were to occur, it wouldn’t be out immediately, since both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden have a lot on their plate. Cornell said as much in the interview: “It was really an amazing experience so I think we’re all motivated to do something again,” he said. “The only obstacle really is the same one that’s always been there, which is that everybody’s always busy.” Cornell’s going to be leading his band through a summer tour and there are reports that Pearl Jam is crafting a new album. The bug is in their ear, though, so hopefully, they will act on it.

    Until then, you can relive the old days by watching Cornell and Vedder, who were way more hirsute then, wail through “Hunger Strike”: