SoundCloud Offers Premium Go+ Service for $1 for 3 Months

    SoundCloud admits a financial fallout by reducing their 9.99 monthly subscription to three months of unlimited music for just a buck.

    SoundCloud Logo

    SoundCloud Go – a relatively new service from the audio streaming service is attracting music lovers for a limited offer opportunity of music in all shapes and sizes, genres and mixes for a subscription lasting up to three months. Listeners will be able to access all their favorite artists for just one dollar. Subscribers will be charged once the promotional offer is up, but if they think SoundCloud Go is worth paying a bit more for, after the course 90 days, its original price of 9.99 a month will actualize.

    What’s great about SoundCloud is that it not only provides unlimited music, but it’s also the one streaming platform that provides uploads by anyone. We’ve learned that despite its perks and its absolute distinctiveness SoundCloud still faces financial troubles. According to UK financial filings, SoundCloud appears to be entering into an economic crisis. The streaming service is reportedly seeking a sale to a group of potential buyers. Google has also allegedly been knocking on their door, offering to buy the startup for $500 million.

    Talks of Google saving SoundCloud may be going on, but the company could be facing a cash crunch. According to SoundCloud co-founder, Alexander Ljung, the company may need to raise additional funding before the end of the year.

    Sometimes all it takes for these streaming music apps is a bit of exposure towards its audience. The idea of a subscription being as cheap as a dollar for a period of three months, might have been the best option SoundCloud was able to make. Some of us are already hooked. [h/t Hypebot]