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Contest: Win tickets to see Soulsavers featuring Mark Lanegan (NYC)

On November 27, the Soulsavers and Mark Lanegan will be performing at Blender Theatre at Gramercy in New York on Tuesday. We'''ve got two pairs of tickets to give away. Email with why you should win the tickets. We'''ll pick the winner at random.
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Mark Lanegan

hello. I am an aspiring musician who moved around from Israel, to CT, and now to Brooklyn. Mark Lanegan is an undying classic. I love Tom Waits...MARK LANEGAN. I like Nick Cave...MARK LANEGAN...hell Johnny Cash is nearly always good...MARK LANEGAN! He is the most underrated classic voice of awesome there is. Field Song which he confessed to me is his favorite album is one of the greatest albums of all time, PERIOD. Subtle, sincere, melodic...I spent some of my hardest nights with that album and a case of kettle one.Mark Lanegan was incredible enough to grace his company with my two friends and myself back in the QOTSA show at the Roxy in Boston back in March of 2005. We walked around Boston for an hour and a half with the guy. I talked to him about my aspirations of pursuing music in the city, he told me if I can't find people in the city I will not find people anywhere.He signed my bubblegum cd as a total reminder of one of the greatest times of my life.I covered one way street on my "find a band" demo and gave it to Josh Homme back in the November renegade show they did. ooohhh.....greatest memories of legends.I asked Josh about Mark and he told me he hopes he is ok...that's all I got from him.Anyway...I was just searching for tickets like a maniac AS I NEVER SEEN LANEGAN PERFORM HIS OWN SET BY HIMSELF! Not to find official sites that sell them.If you don't give me the tickets, please tell me where to get them. You don't suppose they will sell out do you?


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