Soulja Boy Gives ‘Swag Flu’ to Kno’s ‘Death Is Silent’

    As fans of Kno, who produces/raps for CunninLynguists, anxiously awaited the release of his solo debut, it became apparent that the physical version of the album will have to wait a few weeks. Death Is Silent, which dropped digitally today, saw it’s physical release pushed two weeks because of a UPC error linked to none other than Soulja Boy and his Swag Flu mixtape. Kno’s fans learned of the mix-up on the message boards for his label, QN5, where he wrote the following:

    “Due to a UPC issue, Death Is Silent will now be released 10.26.10 in physical stores instead of 10.12.10—pre-orders and digital release will be unaffected barring any more clusterfuckery. In a nutshell, a Souljah Boy mixtape entitled “Swag Flu” was accidentally given the same UPC code as my album and of course, since I haven’t sold a million records, my release got pushed back to make room for his.”

    It’s too bad this has happened because I’ve listened to Death Is Silent a handful of times and can tell you it’s more than worth a purchase. If you’re interested, you can preview and buy the record at Kno’s BandCamp page. Swag on, Soulja Boy.