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Soul Clap Offers Free EFUNK Mixtape Download

Boston duo Soul Clap are really in love with mythologizing their band in a kind of Sun Ra/P-Funk outer-space style. “Soul Clap time travels on a musical spaceship of dopeness," reads the bio on their official website. A new mix on the Soul Clap Soundcloud uses some cover art that further borrows from the P-Funk era, and bears the positively George Clinton-esque sub-title “Everybody’s Freaky Under Nature’s Kingdom.” The EFUNK mixtape was originally released as 200 limited edition copies given away at parties hosted by the duo, but now all 45 tracks containing an infectious blend of soul, funk and hip-hop can be heard as part of FACT's long-running set of mixes. Head over here to stream or download it. [via FACT]

EFUNK track listing:

  1. Everybody’s Freaky Under Natures Kingdom” (feat Space Freak aka The E-Stinka)
  2. Paul White – “Hustle” (Bullion remix)
  3. Genevan Heathen Got The Efunk Blues
  4. Soul Clap – “Funk Sex”
  5. Gadi & The Clap – “Beautiful Thang”
  6. Soul Clap – “Action Satisfaction”
  7. Efunk – “In The Dark” (feat The Interplanetary Women)
  8. The House Doctor
  9. Efunk – “Gangstaville”
  10. Faze-O – “Riding High”
  11. Too Much Snow White”
  12. Midnight Star – “Operator”
  13. Snoop Dogg – “Secrets” (feat Kokane)
  14. Checker Cabb – “By My Side” (Efunk edit)
  15. Bad Rabbits – “She’s Bad” (Gadi & The Clap’s Efunk mix)
  16. Soul Clap – “Extravaganza”
  17. DJ Dreddy – “Body Kiss”
  18. 2000f & J Kamata – “You Don’t Know What Love Is”
  19. Everybody’s Freaky Under Natures Kingdom” (feat Space Freak aka The E-Stinka – part 2)
  20. Efunk – “Low Ride”
  21. Pieces Of A Dream – “Mt Airy Groove”
  22. Schatrax – “I Love You More”
  23. Daz Nazziz – “Daz Nazziz”
  24. Tanner Ross & Sergio Santos – “G Thangs”
  25. Gotta Find A Way
  26. Without Music
  27. Just One Night – “Feel So Good”
  28. Le Clap – “Efunk Anthem”
  29. Get Low (Incoming Bitch!)”
  30. Soul Clap – “3 Wheel E-Motion”
  31. Zapp – “Computer Love”
  32. Slick Rick – “Teenage Love”
  33. Boozoo Bajou – “Sign” (Dagger DX remix)
  34. DJ Kon – “Kondino 1997″
  35. Mary J Blige – “Be With You”
  36. Who Am The Efunk Worm?”
  37. Miles Davis – “Mystery” (Efunk edit)
  38. Soul Clap – “Noneadat White Star” (feat G-Titty)
  39. Dam Funk – “Hood Pass Intact”
  40. First Love – “Party Lights” (Liquid Pegasus edit)
  41. Megadon – “He Can’t Love You”
  42. Sect – “Sectsy”
  43. Dam Funk – “Searchin’ For Funk’s Nature”
  44. Efunk – “Mothership Freeup”
  45. Fritz & Chop’s Parental Advisory


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