Gadget Friday – Sony’s Flash Player drowns out crying babies

    [via Engadget]
    You know, Apple unveils a friggin’ iPod Nano in a different color and we cover it, so why not hype some Sony flash memory players that are due to be released in Japan? They’ll make it here eventually. It helps that the Walkman S players are oh so pretty, with an OLED display that can display album art, lithe design, and variety of metallic case colors. The NW-S700 players will come in 1, 2, and 4 gig varieties. Sony claims the 700 trumps all previous Walkmen in sound quality due to integrated noise cancelling earbuds (that also feature a microphone), but then they also claim the PS3 can cure cancer. You did get yours pre-ordered right?
    There will also be an NW-S600 without the noise cancellation and FM tuner of its bigger sibling, sans 4 Gig flavor. Battery life is listed at 50 hours for Sony ATRAC files, which you probably have somewhere next to your Betamax copy of the Star Wars Christmas special. Fortunately MP3,WMA, and AAC support is also included.