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Sony sez: your own music copy iz stealing

Of all the RSS tags in all the world, "WTF" is my favorite - the only one appropriate when some high ranking lawyer says something completely asinine. In this case we take you to one of the RIAA's billion current lawsuits playing out in Duluth, with Jennifer Pariser, Sony BMG's head of litigation called to the stand. Mrs. (sorry guys, looks like she's married) Pariser was asked about consumers making a copy of a track for themselves and stated, for the record, "When an individual makes a copy of a song for himself, I suppose we can say he stole a song ... Making a 'copy' of a purchased song is just a nice way saying 'steals just one copy' ".
Apparently fair use, much like habeus corpus, is becoming more of a myth than a reality in this country. Don't rip your CD's to that iPod - you're stealing, from yourself to ... yourself. And whatever you do, don't let someone listen to your headphones without paying a license fee.
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Not a surprising commentary; proprietary rights are important to majors. Unfortunately, that a reason why piracy has been so prolific; people don't want to wait around for the labels to make up their minds about the best course of action to take to protect their intellectual property rights. People just want their music, and they don't want strings. And if there's strings, they want the strings to be easy to navigate. That's why iPods + iTunes has been successful; it's pretty easy to do that. Buy the song, put it on your iPod, leave the house. WTF indeed.

Chris Gliddon

"Fair Use, much like habeas corpus, becoming more of a myth than a realityin this country." WOW!! The corporate kleptocracy wants you to know You dont own nothing!!Sheesh!Remember when we used to criticze and hate on the Commies?


Actually no - I wasn't alive during the McCarthy hearings. That was back in the 50's.I can't tell if this comment is a critique or not - but yes, I guess I want the due process guaranteed by the Constitution and the right to make a copy of media for myself. I must be a Commie - after all, I live in San Francisco.

Eric Solomon

^^ i'm with the commie.


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