Gadget Friday – the Potential Goodness that is Bluetooth

    You may know Bluetooth as the technology responsible for making people look like they’re having one-sided conversations with a Star Trek headset. Bluetooth isn’t just for phone convos though – devices with A2DP support allow stereo transmission. Wireless headphones, people – we’re in the 21st century, it’s about time we started acting like it. With AVRCP (Audio / Video Remote Control Profile, and that’s the last time I spell that out) you can have wireless headphones with stop, play, fast forward, reverse, and volume control, so you can skip around tracks without even taking your player out of your pocket.
    Despite all this technological fantabulousness, no one has gone and built Bluetooth support into their damned MP3 players; you hear rumors of players in Japan or Korea, but these things never seem to hit the States. There are all sorts of Bluetooth headphones, in wondrous varieties of earbuds, can phones, looped over the air headsets, with noise cancelling even, but no MP3 players! Worse yet, there are all manners of cell phones, most with meager music playing abilities, that have A2DP support. Apple, get on it. You killed the floppy drive and pushed USB forward, a Bluetooth iPod can’t be that much trouble.
    Sony still hasn’t made a Bluetooth player, but they do have a cornucopia of A2DP devices coming soon, as Engadget reports. They’ve announced all manners of headphones, speakers, and transmitters, including one that fits flush with a new line of flash players. It’s a start, but if I don’t have my flying car with integrated Bluetooth by next year, I’ll be bitterly disappointed.