Sony Apologizes To Bradford Cox For Removal Of Atlas Sound Files

    Anyone who was enjoying the outpouring of music from Bradford Cox in his Atlas Sound guise last week may have been rudely interrupted by Sony, who removed many of the files the Deerhunter singer uploaded to Mediafire. But now Sony has issued a statement to Billboard about the matter, and it appears Cox is once again free to upload his bedroom recordings to the world.


    “The Bradford Cox tracks were mistakenly removed,” claims a statement from Sony. “We advised Mediafire that the titles were mistakenly taken down. We have communicated all of this to Bradford Cox and his manager.” All of Cox’s Bedroom Databank recordings are currently available for download once again from his blog.


    Sony initially cited “unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted sound recordings owned or exclusively distributed by Sony Music” as the reason for removing the files, although in a comedy of errors that will be familiar to anyone who watches the ancient machinations of the music industry, the only file Sony didn’t ask for removal was one that actually may have violated their copyrights via a cover of Bob Dylan’s “This Wheel’s On Fire.” 


    [via The Guardian]