Sony Accused Of Price Gouging Whitney Houston’s Greatest Hits Following Her Death

    This is one of those icky, totally cynical stories that makes you shudder and raise your fist in the general direction of the major labels: Following Houston’s death on Saturday, the price of her Ultimate Collection greatest hits album went up by a few dollars. Immediately, Houston fans took to the Internet to decry Sony for cynical price-gouging.

    Sony was forced to respond Sunday afternoon, saying that the price was incorrect from before her death–it was on sale for cheaper than they felt it should have been–and that when it launched up iTunes’ sales chart, iTunes raised the price automatically because of its popularity. But then Sony admitted they raised the price, but assured everyone that it wasn’t cynical.

    By last night, the album was back to its original price, so apparently Sony decided that the extra money wasn’t worth it. Good for them, I guess. [DS