Sonic Youth/Beck split just one of many Record Store Day releases from Matador

    The second annual Record Story Day will try, once again, to show us all why independent record stores are worth supporting. And, like last year, musicians are trying to help the cause. Matador Records has announced a handful of special releases, all of which will be limited edition and available only at RSD-participating stores. One of the releases will be a split 7" from Sonic Youth and Beck, where the two artists cover each other. Sonic Youth will take on "Pay No Mind" from Beck’s Mellow Gold, and Beck will try his hand at "Green Light." Sonic Youth will also contribute a new song to the b-side of a split with Jay Reatard for Record Store Day, and Matador will release a live Pavement album on vinyl, documenting a show from Germany in 1997. Full details on all these Record Store Day releases are available at the Matador site. Record Store Day 2009 will take place on April 18. Get event updates, and find participating stores in your area, by going here. [Pitchfork]