Sonic Youth tweet about The Eternal

    Web 2.0 continues to demystify the thrill of the hunt fans get from looking for scraps of information about their favorite musicians’ latest projects. It comes as no surprise then that Sonic Youth have a Twitter account.


    Colin Meloy and Andrew Bird have them, so why not the progenitors of all things No Wave? Thurston Moore and Co. have so far posted thankfully cryptic posts during their mixing sessions of their Matador debut with veteran producer John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., The Hold Steady). The follow-up to 2006’s Rather Ripped seems to be coming along quite nicely, according to the group’s tweets. OK, does that read weirder than it sounds?


     Anyway, here are some favorites from the bunch:

    "today’s song is called sacred trickster"

    "john thinks he’s teaching us a thing or two about feedback. in the meantime mix#4 was completed – something about a Mailbu Gas Station"

    "mix #3 – massaging the history – ??!!?? is it really called that?"


    In the same Pitchfork post, a Billboard interview with Moore is mentioned where he mentions the new album will feature more than a few "heavy ass weirdo hooks" and that "it’s rock-centric, but still experimental…I still don’t know how to play the guitar."


    The Eternal (or whatever the title ends up as) is destined for a June release, according to NME and Paste Magazine, but everyone knows all the tweets in the world can’t hold back unforeseen distribution delays or that whale you see when Twitter’s tubes are clogged. [Pitchfork]