Songsmith used to make rap songs terrible (Videos)

    We already filled you in on how unbelievably awkward and awful the ad for Microsoft Songsmith was, and brought you clips that used the program to ruin songs by Van Halen and Radiohead. Now, it’s our pleasure (unbearable duty) to bring you clips that use Songsmith to mess up hip-hop songs. Like Wu-Tang Clan’s "C.R.E.A.M." which is above, removed of its crispy sample and considerably less tough thanks to a sweeping string-led arrangement. It’s really, really awkward.



    This remix of Rick Ross’ "Hustlin" is actually somewhat enjoyable, since the new arrangement sounds like the soundtrack for a Mario Kart track (one set on a Moo-Moo farm).



    This remix of Biggie’s "Dead Wrong" (probably NSFW, thanks to the lyrics) is actually the most hip-hop-esque, since whoever did the remix made something resembling a beat, instead of replacing the music with corny string arrangements. 



    But this remix of Snoop Dogg’s "Drop It Like It’s Hot" takes the cake–its music sounds like it was taken from a hotel lobby, and it doesn’t even get close to lining up with the vocals. Plus, as a bonus, the person who did the remix made a schizophrenic video that has (for some reason) a Communist hammer & sickle. Weird stuff:



    Clearly we have a new YouTube meme on our hands, but until someone makes a gangster rap version of what the girl sings in the commercial, this could go on forever. [Videos via Gizmodo]