Solar And Guru’s Twitters And Emails Get Hacked

    The strange, sad saga that is the circus surrounding Guru’s death continues this week with the news that someone has hacked the e-mail accounts and Twitters of Solar and Guru, and is leaking private message that show the twisted relationship Guru and Solar had together. Among the revelations of the reams of e-mails released (and are still being released), Solar allegedly: abused Guru, prevented him from getting medical treatment and instead forced him to tour Europe, cut his family out of his life, forged his death letter and tried to use his imminent death to sell unreleased material. It’s a pretty all-around icky story. The Village Voice has a rundown. As for the hacker, that’s still going on, with more material promised. Who knows if we’ll ever get the full story here. [via Daily Swarm]