So It Begins: Toto Sues Label For Unpaid Digital Royalties, Citing Eminem Case

    Back when Eminem won his case against his label, and a judge found that digital sales of albums should be treated like a licensing contract (which means the artist gets half), it was clear that many artists who signed contracts before iTunes existed could be rushing their labels to get their part of their digital sales. Peter Frampton has already filed a similar suit against his label, and now yacht/prog rock dudes Toto are fighting for more money too.

    Toto just filed their case in court, saying that Sony owes them money from digital sales, and are asking for a payment of at least $605,000 from their label. That’s not a lot, but it’s not like Toto are busting down the doors of iTunes. But still: If every pre-iTunes band starts asking for $600,000, the labels could be crushed. [RS]