Snoop Dogg Seeks Part In Long-Running English Soap Opera


    Is there anything Snoop Dogg won’t do to make some cash? The hip-hop star has been involved in some ludicrous projects in the past, but he may have finally stretched his ambition into the realm of the absurd. Snoop has claimed he is a fan of the gentle English soap opera Coronation Street, and is coveting a part on the show.


    “I had my agent reach out to them to see if they could try to get me on and they said they were interested so hopefully it might happen,” he said. “It would be perfect for me to be on the show. I love the whole dynamic, the way it is put together, it is my world, it is something I could fall into.”


    Anyone unfamiliar with Coronation Street should know that the most dramatic incident to occur in its 50-year history is probably based around someone spilling a cup of tea and forgetting to clean it up. In fact, the show is so notoriously slow moving that even the theme song has been known to induce a lethal concoction of extreme nausea and instant blackout (see above). If Snoop does make an appearance, it will rock this ageing show to its very foundations, but the chances of it actually happening appear to be nil.


    [via Gigwise]