Snoop Dogg Performed Inside A Giant Doritos Vending Machine At SXSW

    There have been a lot of weird mega-advertisements going down at SXSW this year. Lil Wayne, for example, kicked off his campaign with Mountain Dew, DeWeezy, which included never taking a sip of the gross green stuff. And, um, Snoop Dogg apparently performed inside of a giant Doritos vending machine. Yeah…but he didn’t know that.

    “That was a vending machine? I was high as a motherfucker—I didn’t know that was a vending machine!” Snoop exclaimed shortly after his 45-minute set at the Doritos Jacked stage on 5th St. and Red River.

    Bwahahaha. The show was co-hosted by Maxim (of course) and also featured performances by Ghostland Observatory and Mystikal. [Billboard/TDS]