Snoop Dogg Is Terrified of 3-D, Talks Kid Cudi Collaboration


    Snoop Dogg has been bearing a grudge against 3-D movies for the last 28 years. A screening of the 1982 feature Friday the 13th: Part III had such a profound effect on the young Snoop that he’s never looked back. “I’m way too up in the sky to watch a movie in 3-D,” Snoop claimed, in this interview with Vh1.


    “I don’t want that stuff coming right in my face,” he continued. “The last movie I saw in 3-D, I’mma be honest with ya, is Friday the 13th Part III in 3-D. Jason threw that spear, man. That spear hit me right in the eye, man. I never watched a 3-D movie again. I’m superstitious. I can’t do it.”


    Snoop has also been talking about his collaboration with Kid Cudi on “That Tree,” which features on his More Malice re-release. “I like working with Kid Cudi. To me, he’s fun, dynamic, a brand-new style of MC. He gives hip-hop what it’s missing right now, being fun and getting back to what it used to be.”