Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson: bud brothers (Video)

    Sharing a laid-back vocal style, deep roots in their respective all-American genres, a fondness for braids, and a fancy for the magic herb, Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson seem to have become fast friends. According to Willie, the pair recently recorded versions of Snoop’s "My Medicine" and Willie’s "Superman" together in (where else?) Amsterdam, and while they were there, each popped up on the other’s stage for live performances of those tunes over the last few days.


    Ultimately, "My Medicine" breaks a bit more musical ground than "Superman," but the cross-pollenation of country and hip-hop can only be good for both sides. As previously noted here, the cause has previously been taken up at various points by everyone from Akon to Cowboy Troy, but with two heavyweights like Willie and Snoop  crossing the fence, can a full-blown twangsta hybrid be far behind?